Resorts World Casino NYC

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Casino Bus Program

Casino Bus Program

Red Express Package

The fastest way here is via our vibrant Red Express buses. With convenient pick-up points, riders to the casino will qualify for a special Free Play offer between 10 am - 11:45 pm.

Inbound to Casino

Outbound from Casino

Guests will arrive and depart from the Bus Lobby. A ticket is required to board any bus departing the casino. Ways to receive a boarding ticket

  1. Pay $5 at the Red Express ticketing kiosk, located in the Bus Lobby.
  2. Earn 25 points and receive a free voucher from any Genting Rewards kiosk.
  3. Redeem 500 points at any Genting Rewards kiosk.

Note: Tickets must be used on the date printed. No refunds for unused tickets.

Line Runs 
Showcase Tours provides direct-to-casino buses from Flushing, Queens and Manhattan’s Chinatown. The boarding fee is $8 and riders qualify for a Free Play offer. 

Click here for the Flushing schedule.
Click here for the Chinatown schedule. 

Group Charter Bus Package
Groups of 10 or more riders can earn 10 points to receive $20 Free Play & $10 Food Voucher. Click here for details. 

Notice: Luggage is not permitted on Red Express buses and shuttles.

Live Bus Map

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