Resorts World Casino NYC

Casino Bus Program

Casino Bus Program

Red Express Package

The fastest way here is via our vibrant Red Express buses. With convenient pick-up points, riders to the casino will qualify for a special Free Play offer between 10 am - 11:45 pm.

Inbound to Casino

Outbound from Casino

Guests will arrive and depart from the Bus Lobby. A ticket is required to board any bus departing the casino. Ways to receive a boarding ticket:

  1. Pay $5 at the Red Express ticketing kiosk, located in the Bus Lobby.
  2. Earn 25 points and receive a free voucher from any Genting Rewards kiosk.
  3. Redeem 500 points at any Genting Rewards kiosk.

Note: Tickets must be used on the date printed. No refunds for unused tickets.

Line Runs 
Showcase Tours provides direct-to-casino buses from Flushing and Manhattan’s Chinatown. The boarding fee is $8 and riders qualify for a Free Play offer. Please call 718-321-1521 for Flushing or 718-437-1355 for Chinatown schedule.

Group Charter Bus Package
Groups of 10 or more riders can earn 10 points to receive $20 Free Play & $10 Food Voucher. Click here for details. 

Live Bus Map