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Civil rights activist’s art on display at the South Ozone Park racino

qchronFor Emmet Wigglesworth, it’s not enough for people to see his art — he wants them to focus on it with intent to discover its meaning.

In a previous exhibit, he put up a mural and in front of it, a sculpture with many holes that allowed those viewing it to see past the sculpture and to his other piece of work.

The work, entitled “It Is Not Enough to See ... One must See Through to Find Truth,” personifies how he believes people need to look at everyday life to find what he calls “the universal truth.”

“Everyone is looking at all these individual truths,” Wigglesworth said. “But there is only one truth. We have to look past everything else to find it.”

Wigglesworth hopes to show that with his work, which will be on display at the Red Wall Art Gallery at Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park through March 8.

A sculpture by Wigglesworth, a longtime Jamaica resident, will also be on display at the racino’s main entrance.

The exhibit was organized by Resorts World and the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning.

Wigglesworth has been creating works of art for years — he’s done paintings, sculptures and more — and taught art at the CORE Freedom School in Selma, Ala. during the Civil Rights movement. His work has been on display around the country and in several different states.

He said art is important to him because it has the power to enlighten people and teach them valuable lessons. qchron2

“When you go look at art, it has the power to humanize,” he said.

But it also has the ability to affect people in negative ways. Wigglesworth said advertising is an example of art being used to work against humanity.

“Its purpose is to try to keep people from finding themselves,” he said. “It turns wants into needs.”

Source: Queens Chronicle