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Why You Should Check Out Winter Con

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WinterCon New York Comic & Sci-Fi Expo

After looking forward to New York Comic Con every year, we still have an empty hole in our nerdy hearts after it comes to a close. There is always next year to return for that one, but there are other conventions in the city that can fill that void. Winter Con is one such event that also comes once a year bringing different kinds of fandom together in one place before the holidays. Not sure if it’s worth checking out? Well, here are some reasons why it’s worth your time. 

For Old-School Sci-Fi Lovers

If you were a fan of some of the classics like Star Trek or Buck Rogers, then this may be the comic convention for you. Even those who grew up watching the original Star Wars may be interested in revisiting that era. Some of the stars of those great franchises have stopped by to greet fans so it’s definitely a trip down memory lane. Guests have included Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, Star War’s Peter Mayhew, and Mad Max’s Bruce Spence.

Star Wars Fandom

People just can’t get enough of Star Wars. The franchise has attracted both the old and new generation, so Winter Con has been able to bring fans from all over to celebrate their love of the space opera franchise. Even guests from all over the franchise has come over the years to talk with fans on how it was like to be a part of the worldwide phenomenon. Fans can also partake in the many props from the Star Wars Universe that are on display at the convention. If you stick around, you may even get to see some Star Wars light saber battles done by groups such as the Empire Saber Guild or the Rogue Alliance.

Checking Out the Casino

Winter Con is held at the famous Resorts World Casino, a perfect place for spending money at the slots. So if you are looking for a change of scenery after exploring the convention, why not check the casino and try your luck winning some money? There’s also a bar and great food on the floor to wind down when you need a break from con fever.


It’s pretty much a given that cosplay has become a part of geek/nerd culture so we don’t expect anything less during Winter Con. Have a great cosplay costume? Why not compete at the cosplay contest and try your luck impressing the crowd? There are also some famous cosplayers who take part of the festivities showing up for fans and offering tips. It’s a good time as any to show your love of sci-fi and fantasy with an impressive cosplay outfit. If you want to share your love of cosplay, you can partake in photoshoots with some professional photographers or meet up with others with the same passion as you.

Great for the Kids

As the weekend approaches, it would be nice to take the kids out so why not take them to Winter Con for some fun? There are a ton of activities that the kids can partake during the convention. Think of it as another Halloween party where they can dress up as their favorite characters. If they are Star Wars fans, the kids can also train to be a Jedi like Luke Skywalker or Rey. Hosted by the Empire Saber Guild Society, kids can learn the ways of the Force while having fun. As a souvenir, they get to keep the lightsaber and a certificate.

Artists Alley

Comic book lovers can connect with some of their favorite artists at the Artists Alley in Winter Con. It’s certainly great opportunity to meet with artists involved with some of most famous characters out of companies like DC and Marvel. Some of these artists may offer to sign off some comics as well as a quick drawing of their famous characters. So if you’re looking for that special comic before the year is over or just want to meet and connect with an artist, Artists Alley is the way to go.


With Christmas fast approaching, Winter Con may be the place to find some great gifts for your loved ones. There’s a treasure trove of items up for sale by different vendors whether it’s a rare comic book, Funko pops, or even a big movie poster. Fans can collect their favorite movie memorabilia, toys, and even costumes. For the comic book collector in you, Artist Alley is usually the place at every convention where you can obtain rare comics at a decent price. Since we are closing in on 2018, Winter Con may be your last chance to take advantage of some deals for various comic book issues. Looking for a particular issue? Winter Con may be the place to get it. Be ready for the holiday season as Winter Con may be the perfect place to do some holiday shopping.

Winter Con is happening December 1-3 at the Resorts World Casino. To get your tickets to the convention, head to their website at


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