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QCP Artists Showcase Work at Resorts World Exhibit


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Participants and residents at Queens Center for Progress, one of the largest nonprofit agencies in Queens, are the artists behind a new art exhibit at Resorts World Casino New York City.

The exhibit will feature more than thirty paintings and drawings created by people with developmental disabilities from June 1 through July 31.

“People who create art love to show their work to their friends. Having an opportunity to showcase your talent for the community brings the experience to another level,” said Ed Weiss, QCP’s Director of Adult Services. “The individuals supported by QCP will take great pride in providing their community enjoyment through their art.”

With a special grant from the local Elk’s Club (lodge 878 Brooklyn-Queensborough), all of the pieces in the exhibit have been framed and are ready to welcome Resorts Worlds guests.

The art exhibit has the potential to be viewed by more than 10,000 visitors a day, as the Red Wall Art Gallery is located in a prime viewing area in the complex. The artwork will be on display for the public at the Times Square and Fifth Avenue levels.

Resorts World created the gallery in 2012 to showcase work by aspiring and local artists.

Source: Aqueduct Blog