Code of Conduct

Resorts World New York City (“the Casino”) is committed to maintaining a safe and orderly environment. The safety, security and enjoyment for our guests is the Casino’s paramount goal. To help achieve this goal, the Casino has established a Code of Conduct policy for our guests.

The primary purpose for the Casino Code of Conduct is to establish a minimum standard of conduct in order to maintain a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. Guest(s) who fail to comply with the Casino Code of Conduct may be involuntarily excluded from the Casino.

Section 100: General Rules & Regulations

1. No firearms or weapons are permitted on Casino property.
2. No fighting, pushing, intimidation, cursing, obscene language, yelling or offensive gestures.
3. No throwing of objects, horse play or running through the Casino property.
4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted into or out of the Casino.
5. No possession/use of unlawful drugs.
6. No loitering on Casino property for the purposes of sleeping, nesting, soliciting, selling or begging.
7. No cutting, disrupting of lines or unauthorized use of VIP services.
8. Guests are subject to bag inspections. Guest refusing to have their bag inspected may be denied entry.
9. Guest(s) must comply with Casino staff directions.

Section 200: Property Offenses

1. No smoking inside the Casino.
2. No destroying/tampering/ damaging/defacing Casino property or equipment.
3. No tampering with surveillance cameras or access control device(s).
4. No professional video recording or photography.
5. No trespassing in unauthorized areas of the Casino.

Section 300: Dress Code/Hygiene

1. No masks, hats, hoodies, cosmetic make up or items to disguise or obstruct view of face (excluding religious head coverings).
2. No Clothing that makes explicit reference to obscene language, drugs, sex, violence or gangs.
3. No see-through clothing or exposed under garments.
4. No soiled or offensive smelling clothing items permitted.
5. Clothing must be worn at all times.

Section 400: Events

1. No scalping of event tickets.
2. No outside food or beverage(s) in event spaces.
3. No disruption or interfering with progress of event(s).
4. No distribution of flyers.
5. No intentionally obstructing view of other guests.
6. Guest(s) must sit in assigned seat(s). Failure to do so may be cause for removal.

Section 500: Bus Operations

1. Casino representatives and/or bus drivers may deny guest entry or have passengers removed from a bus or Casino’s Jamaica Station depot for disorderly conduct, threatening behavior, use of obscene language, use/possession of alcohol or unlawful drugs, intoxication or refusing to pay the required boarding fare.
2. No loitering in the bus lobby or at the Casino’s Jamaica Station depot.
3. Personal trash must be removed by passengers when exiting the bus.
4. No loud talking or loud noise via cell phone or media devices.
5. No unnecessary talking to the driver or standing while the bus is in motion.
6. No luggage is permitted on the bus.

Section 600: Transportation

1. Guests must comply with all traffic rules, regulations and signs while driving on property.
2. Guests must park in authorized parking areas only. Illegally parked cars may be towed at owner’s expense.

Section 700: Food Services (Food Court, Starbucks, RW Prime, Retail shops)

1. No excessive hoarding of condiments and/or utensils.
2. No unauthorized use of beverage stations.
3. Valid Photo identification must be shown to use Credit/ Genting Rewards Card or food voucher.

Section 800: VIP Services (Baccarat Club and the Fifth Avenue Club)

1. Only specified tier card member(s) will be authorized to enter High Limit gaming areas.
2. All players who are permitted to enter High Limit gaming areas must do so for the purpose of actively gaming or responding to “invitation only” events that occur in the High Limit rooms.

Section 900: Gaming Operations

1. No stalking or hovering over active players on the gaming floor.
2. No interfering or blocking game play. Players must be actively playing machine in order to reserve rights to play station.
3. No placing of items or feet on chairs, furniture or games.
4. No forceful touching or hitting games.
5. No unauthorized removal of vouchers or cash from slot machines or ATMs.

Section 1000: Genting Rewards

1. No unauthorized removal and/or redemption of vouchers.
2. No unauthorized use of Casino player rewards cards (i.e. possessing multiple cards)