Qgazette: Resorts World Gumbo Coalition University Kicks-Off Their Six-Week Leadership University Series

Resorts World New York is kicking off an intensive six-week leadership series this month. Gumbo Coalition University starts its leadership journey on January 28th. Marc Morial, author of “The Gumbo Coalition” and President & CEO of the National Urban League, will lead the series, which will also feature esteemed lecturers from across the nation. They include Dr. Elinor Jackson, Ed.D, an expert advisor with extensive experience in business development and program management; New York Times best-selling author Lavaille Lavette; Aswad Walker, a professor of African American Studies Program for the University of Houston; and Silvia Mathis, the Founder of the multi-media production company, Punkin Pictures.

The lecture series, sponsored by Resorts World, will provide students with the tools to help them unite and work for positive change in the world. In the series, Morial will share coalition-building techniques, inspirational anecdotes, and action-oriented leadership strategies. The series will focus on lessons pulled from chapters of “The Gumbo Coalition,” including “Getting Ready for the Big Payback – A Leader Is Not Paralyzed By The Unexpected,” and “Know When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em’ – A Leader is Skilled at Decision-Making Under Pressure.”

“During these challenging times, we are always looking for ways to support and empower our communities. The Gumbo Coalition University imparts critical lessons on leadership and team-building, preparing today’s college students to become tomorrow’s leaders. We are grateful to partner with Marc Morial to launch the Gumbo Coalition University and offer the inaugural class the building blocks to be well-prepared to enter the job market, succeed, and build careers,” said Darlene Monzo, Chief Marketing Officer of Resorts World.

“To be a great leader, you must be able to unite people from all backgrounds with seemingly competing agendas to come together under a common cause,” Marc Morial explained. “I am honored that Resorts World supports my vision of coalition building and investing in the development of our future leaders. The support from Resorts World, Harper Collins and One Street Books has enabled me and the Gumbo Coalition University to bring leadership principles to these dynamic students that will in my opinion change the world in the most positive ways.”

John Edwards, Executive Director at Metropolitan College of New York said, “This is great news and an incredible opportunity for our four students who were accepted. Effective leadership is the driving force behind every successful organization, and to know our students will be able to hone their skills through The Gumbo Coalition University is a huge step in the right direction.   I want to personally congratulate Monette, Christie, Nicole and Kimberly on their acceptance to the program and know they will continue to persevere and accomplish great things.”

Desmond Murray, Associate Director for the Employer Experience at Marist College stated, “I was very happy to hear that two Marist students were accepted to participate in the Gumbo Coalition University program. I know both of these students very well and I’m so proud that both of them will be in the first class of this exciting program. Both of these students are leaders at Marist and this program will assist them with their career aspirations after college.”

The Gumbo Coalition University scholars hail from the following institutions: Metropolitan College of New York, Marist College, New York City Tech, Pace University and Purchase College. Each scholar will receive a $500 scholarship, a certificate of completion, and a Resorts World New York swag bag following graduation, which is scheduled for April 8th.


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