How Sweet It Is: A Taste of Resorts World New York’s Sugar Factory

sugar factory

For those who have traversed the globe, the name “Resorts World” is synonymous with the ultimate casino gaming experience and lots of fun. Queens, New York should be the first that comes to mind when you think of a gaming destination. Resorts World New York is the only casino in all of New York City with over 6,500 of the most sought-after slots right here in the corner of the big apple.

The Hyatt Regency here is an oasis located near John F. Kennedy Airport, creating a world unto itself for weary travelers. It’s also a serious dining destination, offering some very unexpected gastronomic delights for the foodie crowd and one of those is truly the sweetest of them all!

Welcome to the Sugar Factory!

In case you haven’t heard, the Sugar Factory is one of the most vibrant and fun places to hang out in all of New York! This celebrity hotspot has been called “one of the 10 most Instagrammed restaurants in America,” by Food & Wine Magazine. We must say, we’re not surprised at all! This beautiful spot is loaded with colorful décor and design which thrills the senses. The concoctions spun up here include amazing desserts and drinks that look like they came out of a storybook. Eye-popping dishes dazzle the eyes before they tantalize the taste buds. It’s not surprising that A-listers come here to hang and enjoy, making your photo opportunities that much more delicious!

A Mouth-Watering Vision

Inspired by the classic Paris brasseries popular in the City of Lights early in the last century, the idea here was to create an adult playland that reflects the aesthetics of a candy-coated dream. The glamorous dining area greets visitors with a kaleidoscope of eye candy to gander upon. Floral-lined walls breathe a welcoming bit of life into this wondrous space.

Neon wall art glows into the imagination of diners. Canopy trees stretch to the sky, illuminated and beckoning. At the center of it all is the menu. On top of incredible meals to enjoy, legendary desserts and alcohol-infused candy goblets are the signature items that bring in many a sweet tooth. While children will surely be delighted, make no mistake—this is a grown-up place!

Confirming the Confections

People staying at Resorts World New York City have a plethora of options to engage in all manner of diversions. The casino attracts players and world-class restaurants make many a tummy happy, but the Sugar Factory is a whole other world. Besides its incredibly artistic pastiche, these folks are totally serious about their confections.

In fact, the brasserie’s motto is “Making the world a sweeter place!” You can lick everything from insanely oversized lollipops to candy-coated eyeglasses! The milkshake menu ranges from classic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to the “Insane Milkshakes”: Cookie Monster Make a Wish, Caramel Sugar Daddy Cheesecake, and Campfire Spiked S’mores milkshakes are indescribably extravagant and pretty much look like the most over-the-top versions of their names.

They also have old-fashioned sundaes for two and a Cookie Skillet which features warm chocolate chips cookie, Nutella…well, you’ll have to see this one for yourself!

Adult Beverage Heaven

The old saying “like a kid in a candy shop” takes on a whole new meaning at the Sugar Factory at Resorts World New York City. Take a look at the cocktail menu to see what we mean! Huge goblets overflowing with multi-colored candied confections feel like a vision from some idyllic candy store around 1920. Imagine what some of these taste like — Lollipop Passion, Magic Cotton Candy, or Strawberry Lemonade Smash.

These extra-large libations are not only a rainbow of flavors but they are also served up smoking for added dramatic effect! If you want to gear down to more traditional cocktails, we have those too, but even served in more reasonably sized cocktail glasses, the Sugar Factory’s mixologists will not have their imaginations constrained! Check out selections like Bubba Bubba Gum, Sour Apple Lolly, Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan, and the Peanut Butter Cup Martini. They just can’t help themselves!

50 Cent in the House

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to come on into the Sugar Factory here at Resorts World NYC, we’ve got to tell you about the guests who hang out here. Celebrity appearances are part of the amazing events that are happening all the time because being out-of-control fun is what we’re all about!

One of our favorites is none other than 50 Cent, and the hip-hop star pops in from time to time to host parties. Not only that, but the famous rapper has also added his own touch to his signature Candy Store Goblet. This special drink is proudly presented by 50 Cent, and if you check the calendar, you might just find him in town to share one with you. Be sure to check the Sugar Factory website to see when he’ll be appearing and get a taste of this tooth-shattering tasty treat the man himself helped create!

Beats and Grub

Before we leave you believing that it’s only about the sugar at the Sugar Factory, we need to let you know that there’s much more to it. Keep an eye out on our awesome DJ booth, where we have incredible DJs spinning sounds with your supper to make it all the more bumpin’ in the room! And oh yeah—you should be eating a meal while you’re here.

Take a look at mouth-watering items such as Monster Burgers (look out for the Flaming HOT Cheetos Burger here!), Brick Chicken, Roasted Lobster Tail Frites, and Pan Roasted Bone-in Prime Ribeye. Yes, you’ll eat well here—and, do we even need to say it? Be sure to save some room for dessert!